Blogathon 23/23: Disaster!

A little while ago, on a late weekday afternoon, I was busy doing something while someone else had been rummaging in one of the food cupboards. About five minutes after the rummaging my attention was drawn to the sound of quiet. As any parent and/or pet owner knows, the sound of silence is a very worrying sound. So I set aside my laptop and went to see what the silence was all about.

First, I came upon this wrapper that once contained flour

You want some flour, flower?

At the far end of the ground floor I came across the scene of the crime

Someone’s had a good time!

A little investigation revealed the culprit was none other than

Pugsley’s nose dun it!

I’m sharing this little anecdote not to name and shame Pugsley in particular, or spaniels in general, but to draw a kind of comparison between dogs and the other four-legged inhabitants of the house… cats.

Yesterday evening the good lady wife her indoors was trying to contact the 16yo to ask her to do a minor cooking task. She tried the 16yos phone but that rang out unanswered (she’d left it in her bedroom while she was downstairs, less than 1m from the house phone. She tried the house phone but that rang out unanswered. Later I went to investigate the non-ringing house phone and found the ringer had been turned off. Not down, but off. The good lady wife her indoors said (rightly, in my view) that one of the cats must have turned it off. This isn’t as crazy as it might sound because… well…


I’m not being shockingly rude. She really is very…


As well as sitting in the bathroom sink and giving you dirty looks if you dare to go near her, she’ll sit on the extension roof outside the bathroom window and miaow very loudly until you go outside to see what all the fuss is about. She’ll then make eye contact with you and continue to miaow very loudly until she gets bored, but that might take a couple of hours.

But it’s not just Raven who has some special… characteristics because…

Loony tunes

But it of the four of them, it only seems to be the two girl cats who have special… needs. The two boy cats just eat and sleep (and would be happy doing so on a 50/50 basis).

So this is life in this house. Two naughty but gorgeous spaniel pups, two mostly perfect grown up spaniels, two deranged girl cats, and two boy cats who seem intent on making sloth and gluttony their life goals. But my goodness, there’s never a dull moment in these parts. Never. A. Dull. Moment.

2 thoughts on “Blogathon 23/23: Disaster!

  1. “How the hell can a cat turn off the ringer?”, I found myself thinking.
    And then I see -with a nostalgic nod to the eighties – you have a Trimphone… or a modern-day replica, at least.
    How very retro.

    A right menagerie, you have there. Squeeze in a couple of hamsters and you’d probably qualify for Wildlife Park status.

    1. The good lady wife her indoors does love a retro phone. We have applied for various grants. Apparently the Whatthefuckisthat bird has generated a lot of interest and I hope to be able to show that to the public very soon.

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