Blogathon 28/23: Done/Dusted

And that’s it for another year; Blogathon 2023 ends before the calendar clicks forward to March. It hasn’t been a struggle, writing a blogpost a day for the month of February, but it has made me understand just a fraction of the massive amount of effort Diamond Geezer puts in to his terrifically prolific output. The guy is awesome. I say it hasn’t been a struggle and it hasn’t. But topic inspiration has been less easy to come by than I’d thought it would. I haven’t missed any blogdays, so I skip the penalty, but I will donate £28, that’s £1 for every day of the month to charity. This year I’m going to split it and give £14 to RNLI (on top of my usual monthly donation) and £14 to the Trussell Trust.


While I’m on the subject of difficulties, I discovered today that recording clean audio in this house is actually impossible. If the dogs are asleep they’re snoring. Loudly. If they’re awake they’re causing havoc. Whichever of the two states they’re in, recording an audiobook excerpt in one unedited take is an impossibility, even if the target audio is just three minutes long.

Something else I discovered today, on the topic of cleaning, which I kind of mentioned earlier, the minute it rains, the garden turns to mud and the dogs (well, the puppies) love the idea of digging big holes in the garden and bringing as much of the mud into the house as they can. I also discovered today that once the mud has dried I have to vacuum the floor twice and then wet-mop the floor twice and after that it’s still not clean. Oh yes, and wiping down the leather suite takes three goes and that’s also still not completely clean yet. Four hours spent on remedial housework today. Because of the two pups.

In other news, I’ve bought and acquired a lot of books lately. I mean *a lot* of books. I’m gradually working my way through all of the Lee Child/Jack Reacher paperbacks but, at the same time, I’m reading a varied mix of stuff on Kindle. Sense and Sensibility (I’m currently on chapter five) is exactly what you’d expect, but the peculiar (though mildly entertaining in a slightly odd way) Attention All Shipping : A Journey Round The Shipping Forecast is not as easy to read as I would like. Contradictingly, the Backyard Spaceship series (I’m currently reading book 8 of the trilogy) is a wonderfully easy, laidback read.

Ey up (as they say in these parts). The witching hour (21.00) is almost upon us and I have yet to walk the big dogs before I shower and collapse into bed with the final two chapters of ‘The Enemy’.

As far as 2023s Blogathon goes, it’s goodnight from me and it’s goodnight from erm me. See you all next year? I shall continue to blog normally (for me), and I shall try to be less sporadic. Yes I shall. Don’t laugh at me like that.

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