Writing the third!

OK, so. I’m two novels in (though I’d like to completely rewrite and reissue the first novel because I cruised through the manuscript the other day and I thought it lacked sparkle and was desperately in need of updating). So yes, two novels in. And I’m working hard on the third. Or working as hard on the third as I can, given the limited amount of time I am able to dedicate to writing.

But, and here’s a numerically-flavoured coincidence, the third novel is (temporarily, I’m sure) stuck on the third chapter where I’m trying to introduce the third character and today is the 3rd of the 3rd. I think I need to revisit the story calendar, that’s the real reason I’m stuck: I’m trying to force something to happen too quickly.

One thought on “Writing the third!

  1. You always refered to the last one as the “difficult second novel”.
    Now that’s out of the way, this one should be a breeze, surely 😉

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