It’s not OK

True story.

I know a 16yo girl who rides a 50cc twist and go scooter. She’s licensed, insured, and has passed her CBT which allows her to ride this machine on the roads. She recently went to a Morrisons store to fill up with petrol; she pulled up at a cashier-authorised pump, where she put the pump nozzle into the tank and filled up. She walked in to the cashier’s office where the cashier (a youngish guy) asked to see her driving licence. Yes, essentially this youngish guy asked to see this 16yo girl’s address (because your address is clearly stated on your driving licence).

This is not OK.

I know that the law says one must be over 16 to buy petrol, but where does it say that men of any age can ask young women for their address, because I’m betting it doesn’t.

Doing so is not OK.

I’m also betting that the young man actually has no authority in law (or in Morrison’s staff requirements) to ask a young girl for her address, especially after he has remotely switched the pump on and she has filled her machine’s tank.

This is not OK.

2 thoughts on “It’s not OK

  1. Of course it’s not OK… not if that is the actual reason for him asking to see her licence.
    But do you know for sure that’s the case, or was he maybe just doing his job?

    1. His motivation is what I’m calling into question. Why wait until she’d filled up and was in the kiosk with him? This is a safeguarding issue

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