Run! DMC!

Nestled deep in the unfashionably cobwebby nooks of Facebook there are a collective of individuals who discuss some of the most random topics known to personkind. The conversation gently ebbs and flows as contributors discuss the merits (or demerits) of – for example – 405 vs 625*, valves vs transistors, and whether the 1956 Ford Anglia was a better car than the 1950 Ford Prefect.

This collection hangs together under the name of the Dull Mens Club, though membership is open to all genders and sexual persuasions.

Recently there was a riveting conversation about garden shed design and construction. Oh how I enjoyed that one. But this topic was both amazingly dull and yet crackingly informative:

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    1. There was a recent conversation about types of aspiration for motorbike carburettors which was magnificently dull.

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