Mini broke*

We** have recently returned from a few days in Mid Wales. The weather was gloriously hot which, for Mid Wales, is not typical. The accommodation was just wonderful, and the local area was tranquil and rural. The place we stayed in was in a converted tank barn on the (former) Leighton Estate near Welshpool, halfway up a mountain, a couple of miles from the nearest main road. The biggest source of noise was the occasional aircraft.

The tank barn is here: 52.637820,-3.114862

A little way further up the mountain is this striking building (spaniels are optional):

I thought I recognised the purpose for which it was built, but it seemed to be in a random place. But near the front door was a sign that my guess had been right (the clue is in the vertically cleared line going up the hill behind the house):

It was a winding house that used to be home to a steam engine that powered a funicular railway through a wound loop of cable. Later, speaking to the owner of the tank barn, he said the funicular was built to carry stone from a nearby quarry up to the top of the mountain where a house and estate office were to be built. In later years, when the buildings had been completed, the funicular was converted from freight to passenger-carrying duties. Apparently the funicular was dismantled in the mid-50s which I think is a terrible shame.

*past tense, you see?

**four dogs, four humans

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  1. Despite having been on a couple of them, “Funicular” is one of those words I can never remember.
    “You know… one of them train things that go up the sides of mountains”, is what I usually revert to.

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