Mutts nutts

About a week before we went to Mid Wales young Mavis puppy came on heat/into season. Unfortunately Chewie (no relation) and Pugsley (her brother) are both, ahem, entire. The morning before we left for Wales I caught Pugsley and Mavis well and truly joined. I had to wait half an hour for the couple to decouple. Decopulate? Decoupulate? Anyway.

We had an entertaining time trying to keep Mavis from getting shagged any more by her brother. And also keeping Chewie from getting in on the action. We both felt that at 10-months old Mavis was too young to be producing any puppies of her own. And we certainly didn’t want her producing any puppies fathered by her brother.

From a behaviour point of view, Mavis was obviously bothered by the two dogs and the dogs were bothered by Mavis. Chewie and Pugsley both lost their appetite and Mavis just wanted to be away from them.

As soon as the Bank Holiday had passed I rang the vet and booked the boys in to get seen, and got Mavis booked for the morning after injection (not actually administered on the morning after, but the meaning fits).

Through a combination of means (the use of day/night doggy nappies, keeping a close watch on Mavis, and bringing out and deploying the dog-crate), we’ve only had one more ‘locking up’ event which we’re not particularly concerned about since Mavis isn’t due to get her morning after injection until Tuesday. But poor young Pugsley has lost his nuts, though he seems to be quite cheerful about this so far. Chewie is down to lose his on Thursday.

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