Tracking and that

An oddness has been showing up in my two main website stats packages which diverted my attention down a cute little rabbit hole. The oddness is a couple of hits a day (and by ‘a couple’ I mean anywhere between 1 and 15) from each of two websites I have no relationship with. Both of these websites are forums, one is graphic novel specific, the other has many bulletin boards/sub-forums, the majority of which don’t have any specific topic or dedicated purpose. Fortunately the former has an indexed search function. Unfortunately the latter has no search facility at all. In the graphic novel forum a search of my TLD led me to a user who had adopted, as their avatar, a photograph they’d found on this blog. Unfortunately I can’t execute the same level of cunning on the other forum; without a search facility I’d have to visit tens of thousands of pages and carry out a manual CTL-F on each one and I just CBA to do that. But I feel it’s likely to be the same kind of story, and I’m OK with that. I could force a change on the graphic novel user – change the URL of the photograph – but that seems small-minded. S/He’s hardly burning massive amounts of bandwidth and I have no bandwidth restriction anyway, so I’m going to live and let live. I’m curious as to what the other forum is pointing at, but it too is low bandwidth so I’ll just have to let it be.

2 thoughts on “Tracking and that

  1. I had something similar, many years ago.
    I noticed that a website I’d not heard of, had linked to a photo on my site.
    The photo was one I had taken of my feet, as they stood on the glass floor of the CN Tower viewing platform, in Toronto.
    The photo was nothing special: it just showed my feet, the floor and the ant-sized people on the ground below.
    Thing is, this person had written on their blog that they had visited the CN Tower and had taken that photograph.
    I removed it.

    1. I wish my trackable incident was as exciting as your photograph! Sadly it was just a cartoon, and not even one I’d drawn (because I am a rubbish drawist and can’t even draw a straight line with a ruler)

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