Fav saying(s)

‘Knobhead’ is used a lot in these parts. There’s a text message to me from the good lady wife her indoors which says just that one word. This was sent earlier this evening for some trivial reason or other. ‘Twat’ is fairly frequent too, but mostly heard from one of the two car drivers in the household. I use ‘Well you’re very clever’ – again from the driving seat – for people who evidently aren’t clever at all. But when it comes to Internet-related things my favourite phrase without any question at all is ‘You can’t teach stupid’. This is unfortunate because the Internet tends to show us a great deal of stupid (if you know where to look). When I feel a bit glum I nip over to a certain page in FB which rounds up and aggregates FB posts from the UKs police officers. This is where ‘You can’t teach stupid’ comes into its own. For this evening’s entertainment I give you (and in no particular order) the following mood-enhancing tales:

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  1. On โ€œsayingsโ€ in the car, there is a family story of my sister, as a wee lass, sitting in the back seat while Dad was trying to navigate a busy intersection. โ€œGo on, Daddy. Say Shit!โ€

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