With four cats and four spaniels in the house life strongly resembles what a blend of Tom and Jerry, Roadrunner, and Wacky Races might look like. It’s never more apparent than when one of the dogs thinks they hear something (this frequently turns out to be an imagined something), when someone comes to the door, or when my good lady wife her indoors calls me on the phone (she has a personalised ringtone allocated, and the dogs know what it is and who it signifies is ringing me). Actually that’s not quite true. It’s very apparent during any one of those things but there is one event which trumps them. When we walk them all out at the same time. The routine is that I’ll walk them in pairs. I mix the pairing up so that they get used to walking out with each other. But they need to get used to walking out as a pack. Logistically this seems simple, but when you look at the characters and their behaviours, it starts to get very complicated:

  • Robyn is independently-minded and very well behaved (99.9% of the time), so she’s never on a lead
  • Chewie is independently-minded and moderately well behaved (40% of the time), so he’s sometimes not on a lead
  • Mavis is learning the ropes. She has some behaviour that is occasionally good (20% of the time), so she’s hardly ever off the lead
  • Pugsley hasn’t got a clue about anything. His only behaviour is madness (100% of the time), so he’s never off the lead. Never, ever

They need to become a well-mannered obedient pack, but oh my dog we’re a very long way away from that. About once a month we go to the local Country Park which is very dog-friendly. We let all four dogs run off-lead so they are starting to develop as a pack. But on-lead they’re just a heaving, barking mass of spaniel. It’s not easy, walking all four dogs at the same time. And it’s a two-human job. But we are making inroads. But goodness me it’s a long, slow haul.

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    1. Two of our cats usually accompany us on the pre-bedtime walk around the block. Of the other two, one is too mental and the other too fat and lazy.

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