The Nottingham Post newspaper runs a website, Nottinghamshire Live. This website pops up all over the Internet, and particularly regularly all over the corner of the Internet known as Facebook. The trouble with this website is it has more clickbait per square centimetre than anything you could think of. Now clickbait is a thing and you learn to accept or ignore it. But lately Nottinghamshire Live has started to push the boundaries of taking the mickey. The trouble with taking the mickey is that once the penny drops with the public (the ordinary Internet user) that your website can’t be trusted, your viewers (and therefore your advertisers) will stop taking the (click) bait. This is their latest bit of wrongness:

Bearing in mind the source, where would you reckon this outrage/anger event is taking place? Which part of Nottinghamshire? Well, I’ll save you the effort of running through all of the parts of the county. This story is about something happening in… Scotland!

You’ve got to laugh, eh?

Source (be warned, it’s clickbait):

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