I had to send a large and fairly heavy parcel to Glasgow. I took the measurements from the manufacturer of the device in the parcel. Then I took the measurements of the device in all its superdooper packaging. Then I wrote it all down and added the weight. I tried a bunch of websites but most of them said my parcel was too heavy (a fraction over 30Kg). Royal Mail, Parcel Force, Hermes, Evri… I tried them all. Eventually I ended up on the ParcelMonkey website. I put all the same criteria into their webform and ParcelMonkey said UPS would do the job for me. £55.94 (which included VAT. Well, you know what they say about beggars and choosers, right? So I paid and the parcel was collected and the parcel was delivered and they all lived happily ever after. Except…

  1. The parcel was severely damaged when it arrived. It looked like (from the photos of which I have plenty) that it was thrown off the lorry onto concrete. The goods inside the parcel are broken and not economically repairable (to put it mildly)
  2. ParcelMonkey are dragging their feet over insurance. Really really dragging their feet. And (here’s the kick in the face)…
  3. I’ve just had an email from ParcelMonkey to tell me that in addition to the £55.94 that I paid to have an expensive item broken beyond repair, they’ve just charged me an extra £55.37 because the parcel was half a Kg lighter than I said it was.

Yes, that’s right. ParcelMonkey are charging me a premium because the parcel that’s totally unusable was 0.5Kg lighter than I said it was.

So all I can say is:

A. Never ever use ParcelMonkey, and

B. Never, ever use UPS.

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