Killed it

In the almost five years since the First Spaniel arrived (which seems to be how I measure time now) I have pulled many sweethearts (the small round things), many metres of sticky grass, and tens of thousands of seeds, from the coats of the four dogs (I still get a frison of excitement mixed with a touch of horror that we now have four dogs!). I suppose this is the joy of living in the countryside with animals. The sticky grass and sweetheart things. But there is a downside. Yesterday I euthenased another pigeon. I don’t keep a tally as such, but memory tells me that was the eighth pigeon I’ve despatched Since Spaniels. It doesn’t get any easier, even though you’re instantly putting the poor thing beyond a slow and painful demise. This one had been hit by a car (probably), and Mavis was quickly onto the flightless animal as we rounded the corner, its broken wing flapping uselessly as it tried to fly. It still makes me sad to do this, even though it is for the best. Poor little thing. 😢

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