There isn’t enough of it, there just isn’t enough. I have things to do, many things, and I’m getting adept at running out of time to do them, even as the things are underway. I know, puzzling isn’t it? As the late Douglas Adams said, ‘Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.’ He said many wise things, but I would have loved the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with Douglas on the nature of time. To try and get on top of the things I’m running out of time to do, I’ve divided the outstanding things into helpful categories: Home. Boat. Other.

The full list of Home jobs are:

  • Build a workbench in the garage
  • Build a coalstore behind the garage
  • Reorganise the garage (this links closely to the first point but there isn’t a dependency either way)
  • Finish proofing the Tempest draft audiobook
  • Finish writing the sequel to Tempest
  • Get the sequel to Tempest published in paperback, Kindle, and into an audiobook
  • Start and finish writing the third book in the Tempest series
  • Get that into print and into an audiobook too
  • Finish the 5 Kindle books I’m currently reading
  • Finish the 3 paperbacks I’m currently reading
  • Read the 58 books on my ‘to be read next’ pile (15 Kindle, 43 paperbacks)
  • Finish rewatching the Expanse (I’ve recently finished reading all nine books in the series)
  • Finish rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (yes, I’m watching it again)
  • Start and finish rewatching Angel (well, after Buffy that how it goes)
  • Finish watching Yellowjackets
  • Finish rewatching the West Wing
  • Spend more quality time on the Ninja
  • Keep the quality time with the family and dogs going
  • Have at least two holidays this year
  • Treat the rear garden fence, all sides
  • Get rid of the old inflatable dinghy (I’ll leave it at the end of the drive during one of the holidays)
  • Make a decision on pitching Tempest as a screenplay and if so:
  • Rewrite Tempest and hawk it around the US and possibly around Korea as a screenplay ideally suited to Park ShinHye or Kim YooJung

The Boat jobs are:

  • Replace all navigation lights with LEDs
  • Fit (get fitted) the masthead windvane and couple it (get it coupled) to the new instrumentation
  • Powerwash the topsides and then
  • Paint the topsides/decks
  • Go bloody sailing
  • Make a decision on whether I’m selling the Autovane
  • Make a decision on whether I’m selling the boat

And in the Other corner we have:

  • Make a decision on upgrading the car
  • Make a decision on upgrading the caravan

There are activities not listed. The routine things that make up ‘life’. Although those things need to carry on as well, I haven’t listed them because such jobs as ‘infuriate the good lady wife her indoors’ is, of course, a given, as is ‘walk and play with the dogs’.

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    1. But writing lists is what I do. I write them all over the place. Mostly on my phone. I can’t help it. Years of training, you so?

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