I have* bought** a drone***. I can’t tell you what make or model because I haven’t read the manual yet. I will. Sooner or later.


I have been out for a test flight. To get the best use out of it I took it up the local hill. Because there are no mountains in this part of England.

The test was encouraging. I only crashed on take-off twice. Fortunately no serious damage to the drone, but that Ford Focus in the car park is going to need some T-Cut. Oops!

I quickly got the hang of the forwards/backwards and lateral controls, but altitude soon became an issue. I’m sure the sheep will recover though. Eventually.

I found the Altitude Boost button on the side of the controller and, wondering what it would do, I pressed it.

Firstly, I’m sure that sheep had a safe, soft landing. It had a full fleece after all, and I think it landed in trees in the next village. It’s difficult to be really precise where, but the controller said it was released from 38,000′.

And secondly, I’m sure the Ryanair passengers had a great view of the drone-carried sheep, as it closed on their flight.

Anyway, here’s a couple of photos the drone took before I lost contact with it. I’m sure it’ll return, it’s got one of those GPS settings and I’d programmed ‘Home’ in.

*I haven’t

**I really haven’t

***Definitely have not