I have blown the dust off my Trident TR-1200 scanner. I played with it for a while and then got bored. But the reason for the boredom was because I couldn’t figure out how to programme banks of frequencies into it, and make it scan those banks.

To be fair to the scanner, I felt it was a decent receiver. I could punch in a particular frequency and the Trident TR-1200 did the receiving job very well. I just couldn’t make it scan. And no, hitting the ‘scan’ button doesn’t turn it into a scanner, there’s more to it than that. So I hunted around for a bit but I couldn’t find any decent, easy-to-understand, idiot-proof manuals for it. I put it in my ‘useful’ drawer and left it there to gather dust.

And then, a few days ago, I was chuntering around some FB group or other when someone asked if anyone had a Trident TR-1200 manual. Well no, nobody did. I could have told them that. But then a helpful person popped up and said the AOR AR-2000 was the same piece of kit (just rebadged). And the manual for the AOR AR-2000 is freely available to download.

So I have. I have a .pdf copy of the AOR AR-2000 manual which I’m going to study, and see if I can make this thing do what it’s supposed to. To be really useful it will need a decent antenna, but the first order of business is to make it scan.

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