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You bump into some odd people on the Internet. The village FB page is no exception. Below is a rant against speed cameras (and also a rant against speed limits in general). It’s also one of those ‘speed isn’t to blame for accidents’, but where accidents have occurred the blame is (and I quote) ‘piss poor driving’. Presumably not piss poor driving due to excessive speeding though.

I do like the thought that speed detective devices are ‘a thinly-veiled revenue raiser catching unsuspecting motorists’. I mean, if the motorists are that ‘unsuspecting’ and unable to read clearly posted speed limit signs, then surely they shouldn’t be driving anyway?

Still, getting a few points will soon have their licences taken away and then they won’t be driving any more, so there’s that.

I’m sure this guy is a lovely guy and, away from his distorted vision of road common sense, he’s perfectly sane and rational. But on this point he’s so far beyond wrong the distance between his position and the right one is immeasurable. My case in point is that the lane with the up/down speed limits isn’t a barren lane. There are houses on it. And a hospital. And an operational airfield with various businesses. And a cafĂ©/restaurant. But he feels it would be fine and dandy to have all these things feeding out onto the lane in a 60mph zone.

You could drive a coach and horses through this person’s mental gymnastics, but they still wouldn’t be able to see logic. Oh well.

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  1. I don’t even live in your country but this person sounds like a proper BMW driver. The language of the BMW tribe is universally selfish

  2. The problem with 21st Century cars is they have created a false illusion which very few drivers are aware of. We sit in our favourite, comfortable armchairs, we listen to music on our expensive HiFi systems, and we are cocooned in our air-conditioned isolation. We are unaware of the impact vehicles travelling at 30mph, 40mph, 50mph, and 60mph have on those who are outside of that self-contained bubble.

    The guy behind that post is, presumably, happy to live within a different bubble of protection, the 30mph zone he mentions. But everyone else who lives outside of that zone is fair game and should be, he says, at the mercy of traffic travelling at 60mph. This is plainly ridiculous. It would also be ridiculous for me to suggest that lorries, cars, and buses should be allowed to travel up and down that guy’s road at 60mph. If that protection were removed from around his house he would, I have no doubt, complain. He, presumably, enjoys the protection of a 30mph zone, but the people who live elsewhere along that Lane shouldn’t enjoy similar (not the same, just similar) protections. These mental gymnastics are beyond any definition of logic.

    Young Masher and I have forms of transport which greatly exceed the power and speed of the average car. But we are both more aware of the impacts that travelling at speed has on those around us; we are not isolated, we are exposed to the elements, we read the entrances and exits, and even the field gates. We are aware of pedestrians, dogs, cats, and even birds. The isolation of modern cars is great. And also it is not good.

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