It’s the age of the…


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I have to go down to Bristle in a couple of weeks. I thought I’d look at doing the journey by train because why not? By car it would be a 5h45m round trip and would cost £30 in petrol. The cheapest train journey I can find is £181 for a return journey which would also take 5h45m. Hmm.


After some outstanding Internet dancing by my good lady wife her indoors, the price of a return ticket has been reduced to £97.89. Of course, this is still more expensive than driving down, but it’s a journey I’m going to take.

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  1. We recently used the train to travel down to Gatwick Airport.
    Booked many weeks in advance, we got it at a reasonable price.
    Worked out cheaper than driving down and parking for a week and it was less hassle.

    Let the train take the strain, as they used to say.

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