Blogathon 01/24: It’s here!

Every year Young Masher sets the Internet ablaze with a large box of matches, a packet of firelighters, and the crazy, crazy, craze that is his very own invention: the annual Blogathon. Many have joined the party, few have survived.

This year, as in previous years, I shall attempt to accompany the Mad Max of the Internet as we hurtle our way through the month; you can gaze in awe as we struggle to find something interesting to say, every day, on this weird little February, which has 29 days for a change.

Who knows, we may even be joined by other folk (come back and edit this when other lunatics say they’re in, Ed.).

As with previous years, I shall mark the passage of time by donating a moderate amount of £s to a charity of my choice. More on this at the end of the month.

Who knows what we’ll discuss during the month, or where we’ll end up. But if it’s drunk and in a ditch in Northampton again, I’m marking my objection to the annual Blogathon after party right here.

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