Blogathon 14/24: VD

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, it being a DolManSaxLil-esque* conspiracy of shoe-buying proportions, but for gift-card-buying not shoe-buying. Obviously. Anyway. Today is Valentine’s Day, the day when Saint Valentine waded out into the middle of Lake Windermere and slayed the Kraken for his beloved spaniel SmellyTrainer (for it was he).

I find myself being drawn to Douglas Adams’ Great Work, because it was he who introduced me to the concept of the Four Part Trilogy and this is something I shall always treasure. Anyway, back to VD.

After The Blessed Saint Valentine had viciously slaughtered the Kraken, he did, as you will recall, venture into that deeply, dankly, demonly pit of sloth and despair, Somerset. And ’twas in Essex that young Valentine encountered his Great Nemesis: Adge Cutler, the leader of the marauding tribe of slayers of trolls, The Wurzels.

Anyway. Somerset, as many of you will know, was the place where Clanks Shoes (who some mistakenly called Clarks Shoes) was born. And Clanks were the original found father of the Dolmansaxlil empire And lo and behold, we have come full circle.

Happy VD to those who celebrate it. And happy VD to those who don’t.

4 thoughts on “Blogathon 14/24: VD

  1. Quite agree.
    It’s a rubbish celebration, perpetuated by Hallmark and other card-selling behemoths.

    The current Mrs Masher and I celebrate Valentines Day with a firm handshake and a nice cup of tea.

  2. My intro to four part trilogies was Spike Milligan, I think. But I adore Douglas Adams’s works. In my opinion schools should study his works, not that twaddle from Shakespeare.

    1. Shakespeare invented words and phrases, many of which have fallen into common use. Douglas Adams gave us 42 which, as you’ll know, is the answer to the ultimate question. Life, the universe, and everything. You can judge for yourself which is the more impactful 🙂

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