Blogathon 15/24: Rooting tooting

A few months ago, over on the Geekblog, I rambled on about how I had to change the name of the 2.4Ghz Band on our Router, so I could set up some SmartPlugs. Well today I had an interesting problem.

Those same SmartPlugs dropped off the network this afternoon. I logged onto the router and the first thing I noticed was that according to the router control panel, there was nothing attached to Band 1. I fired up my phone and did a network search and there was no Band 1 to be found.

I spent two hours on the chat to TalkTalk tech support and that was a painful experience and bunch of hours I’m never going to get back. Anyway. A few hours after the problem occurred, and idea occurred. That’s two occurrences!


I went back into the router control panel and took a look at the WiFi Bands. The 2.4Ghz Band 1 name had reverted to the original and was hidden from my phone because the names were overlaid. And because the Band 1 name had reverted, the SmartPlugs fell off the network.

Amazing. But I got there in the end. I should have got there a lot quicker, but yes, eventually I sorted it out.

2 thoughts on “Blogathon 15/24: Rooting tooting

  1. “TalkTalk tech support”. An oxymoron, if ever I heard one.

    I’ve had similar with my Asus router in the past, but a simple reboot has always sorted it.
    Never had the problem with the VM router though.

    1. IME, routers route. How well they do it is determined by the most recent firmware patch vs the complexity of user-defined pass-through rules. Ours are fairly complex because I wouldn’t be me if they weren’t 🙂

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