Blogathon 16/24: Car

I have had my Insignia from new; it is now six years old. The websites that know these things tell me how much it’s worth and this afternoon I find myself considering swapping it out for a different vehicle. Bright and early this morning I took my car to the Vauxhall dealer from whence it was procured, to have the infotainment (shudder) system replaced. They rang me just after noon to say the job hadn’t been done because, although they’d ordered the right part from Germany, the wrong part turned up. So they need to order the right part again. From Germany. And in the meantime I could take the courtesy car back and continue driving around in my defective (but not in a life-threatening kind of way) car. But as a gesture of something, they weren’t going to charge me the £20 for the courtesy car that they told me it would cost this morning when they gave me the keys. Not much of a courtesy really.


If I do go down the road of swapping the Insignia out, we need a car that’s capable of pulling 2,000Kgs, because that’s the kind of caravan upgrade we are considering. It’s been suggested to me that I could sell my car privately and buy a decent quality used BMW 7-series, which would pull the required load, and I’d also be quids in on the transaction. The websites that know seem to confirm this view. But the trouble is, most BMW 7-series are diesel, and I have a thing against them. Diesels.

I have been told to avoid the JLR (Jaguar Range/Land Rover) herd like the plague because they’re as reliable as a very unreliable thing. I did have a Jag about ten years ago (I think it was about ten years ago). It was a nice car to drive, roomy, comfortable, spacious, but the 3.6L engine fairly guzzled the juice of squished dinosaurs.

I looked at an Audi Q-something on the dealer forecourt this morning, but that too had a diesel engine and therefore…

I need to think about this, but the MPTW vs fuel consumption balancing act is indeed an actual balancing act. In the meantime I shall continue driving my defective Insignia while waiting for a part from Germany which may or may not be the right one when it gets here.

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  1. Is it possible/practical to rent a tow vehicle when needed and make do with something small and efficient for the rest of the time?

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