Blogathon 18/24: Ads!

We play the lottery. We vary where our weekly tipple goes. Maybe £2.50 on the Euros, or perhaps three Thunderballs, or maybe a couple of Instants instead. On average we’re ahead of the curve. This week we’ve trousered a total of £130 against a spend of £3.50.

As the balance on my Lotto account is in credit, I decided to draw out a little. I put half aside for a charitable donation, and set aside the rest to fund a week’s worth of FB/Meta adverts for ‘Tempest’.

In January Tempest sold over 2,322 copies (the others in that screenshot are Storm sales), but so far this month Tempest sales have been sluggish by comparison. I’m sure retail analysts would be able to tell us why that’s so, but I might lose the will to live.


Earlier this morning I hacked together a little advert (cover shot and four quotes from Amazon reviews), decided what my daily budget would be, and launched the FB/Meta ad.

It’s early days, obviously, but the one thing that I find amazing is the stats that FB/Meta provide. Reach (people who FB/Meta laid the advert in front of) vs Click (people who hit the ‘read more’ link) is analysed by geographic territory. So far the stats tell me that people in the US are far *less* likely to click through, than in any other English-speaking country. I’m sure the same retail analysts would be able to tell us why, but I do wonder if FB/Meta users in the US are less likely to read books than those users in any other country? Just an idle thought.

But as I’ve said, it’s early days (hours) yet. It will be interesting to look at the stats at the end of the week.

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