Blogathon 22/24: Break

I have been doing a lot of thinking recently. I do a lot of thinking normally, but recently I have been doing a lot more thinking than normal. The good lady wife her indoors recently said (as mentioned here) not putting stuff off because we might never get the chance again. And she’s right.

We’ve been putting off a big break, the ‘her and me’ kind of big break and we’ve been putting it off because of the dogs. I have approached our friendly dogminder who does live-in (but hasn’t for us, having only done doggy daycare) and asked if she’d step into the breach for approximately ten days (give or take a few days). She said she wasn’t sure she could cope with four spanners for that long. Shame, because the dogs know her and she knows them and they all get on well together. But I get it.

So what are the other options?

Well, boarding kennels, obviously. But we don’t want to leave the little darlings in a boarding kennel, not when they are so used to being together all the time. A boarding kennel might not even put them together, so the separation anxiety would be twice as anxiety-filled. And would they ever speak to us again when we returned? Would they?

And that brings me full-circle, back to putting it off.

2 thoughts on “Blogathon 22/24: Break

  1. We’ve had similar issues over the years.
    We won’t put our dog into kennels, as I think it would traumatise her.
    We did leave her with a local home boarding place some years ago, where she stayed at someone’s house for a week and I’m 100% convinced she was well cared for, but she was a different dog when we picked her up. Took her a while to get back to her old self.
    Now that the kids are older and can be left alone, Mrs M and I have started taking holidays together, but when we all went away as a family last year, we didn’t know what to do about the dog. So, the wife’s sister and husband moved in to ours whilst we were gone and the dog was absolutely fine. She fretted a bit, but being in her own house made all the difference.

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