Blogathon 23/24: TIL/on ice

Today I learned that (one of) the local estate agents will accept a commission to sell your house, pop round, take internal and external photos with those magic cameras estate agents have, take various measurements, look at the outstanding views, pop a drone in the air for some ridiculous shots of the gorgeous countryside we are surrounded by, go back to their office, put together the whole package of information and… do nothing with it. It’s called ‘putting it on ice’.

Then, when you are ready to pull the lever on your house sale, you drop the agent a line and the whole package of information is pushed out and is immediately available.

I’m not altogether sure who this ‘on ice’ things benefits more, but it exists so it must benefit someone.

2 thoughts on “Blogathon 23/24: TIL/on ice

  1. How long can you ‘put it on ice’ for?
    If it’s a couple of years, things might have changed. You might have decorated. The gorgeous countryside that surrounds you might now have a big windmill stuck in the middle of it, or a BioGen waste plant, or a recycling centre, or a new housing estate, or a bypass… or something.

    Seems a daft idea to me.

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