Blogathon 24/24: How many?

Yesterday morning Ken Bruce spoke to a listener on Greatest Tits Radio who had been to see Mamma Mia The Musical fifty-six times. That stopped me from doing whatever it was I was doing at the time, and put a pause on life in general while I processed that piece of information. Fifty-six times. I’m not being critical of that listener, but after digesting that information I did a few sums. Assuming an average theatre ticket price of £87.75 (yes, I worked it out), that would be a total of £4,914. And with a notified duration of 2h35m per performance, that’s a total of 144.48 hours spent watching the show. And that’s an average cost per hour of £34. And that got me thinking.

If I was so minded, what could I spend £34/hour on that I wanted to do? I could get my private pilot’s licence at £250/hour but I don’t want to do that. I could fly to Vietnam (and back) for much less than £34/hour and that’s a possibility. Ooh, the bin men have just been.


Then I started wondering what books and/or films have I seen multiple times, where that multiple might approach fifty-six. In all honesty, I can’t get close. I’ve probably seen Groundhog Day less than fifteen times. I’ve read Tom Sawyer ten times, and Huckleberry Finn eight times. Tom Sharpe’s Wilt about three times, Indecent Exposure five times, Riotous Assembly (a very poor relation to Indecent Exposure) three times. Heinlein’s Starship Trooper maybe eight or nine times. Time Enough For Love maybe ten times.

I’m going to put a pin in this one and come back to it if I think of anything I’ve read/watched greater than twenty times.

What about you?

4 thoughts on “Blogathon 24/24: How many?

  1. Nothing even close.
    I’ve watched the complete box set of 24 (all 8 seasons) twice and that was quite arduous (but enjoayable).
    And I’ve probably watched all of The IT Crowd 3 times.
    Similar for The Professionals.
    I think that’s about it.
    I’ll let you know if I think of any others.

  2. I have watched every episode of Top Gear three times. I’ve read the entire HHGTTG book series (excluding the Eion Colfer thing) at least five times, but my greatest achievement is probably reading the LOTR trilogy twice, and also watched the film trilogy twice. The extended editions, too. The thing that always puts me off reading LOTR yet again is the bloody mines of Moria. Thank goodness Jacko kept that concise in the movie.

  3. Ahh, HHGTTG! Of course! Read the books once,watched the TV series twice, saw the film once but have listened to the radio series several times.

    EVERY episode of Top Gear three times? Including the Chris Evans years and the current Paddy McBloodyGuinness tosh?

  4. It took a fair whack of will power, but yes, including the Chris Evans series. It’s actually not as bad as I remembered it. Perhaps the lowered expectation going in is the key. I despised it when it first aired, but it’s one of those series I feel compelled to watch *all* of. And I have. Thrice.

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