Blogathon 26/24: Uncertainty!

Sometimes I have left-over meals for lunch. Chickenish leftovers, for example. It might be a bowl of (formerly) fried chicken, herbs, spices, and pasta waiting for me in the fridge. Lovely, I’m very appreciative of these easy meals. As simple as a Pot Noodle, as accessible as a crisp sandwich. What’s not to like? The uncertainty creeps in when I’m looking at the contents of the bowl and wondering what to do with it. Do I stick it in the microwave and nuke it and thus have a hot meal? And is it even safe to reheat this meal? Or do I eat it cold (which is probably safer than reheating it, my head tells me). But I don’t know, I just don’t know.

The other day I stood in the kitchen looking at my cold chicken and pasta for a full five minutes while I tried to decide if it was OK for me reheat it because I fancied a hot meal, not a cold one. Which was ironic really, because I also had a salad from Morrisons in the fridge. Anyway, I reheated it. If I’m not here tomorrow, you’ll understand why.

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