Blogathon 27/24: Stats!

Well, the period of advertising is over and the count is in. FB provides some good stats and can convert advertising stats into a variety of different bits of information. The ads ran from 1st to 23rd Feb (incl).

The bottom line is the conversion from people who the advert was put in front of, to those who clicked through to the whole advert is disappointingly low. But for those who did click through to the whole advert, the conversion into sales is very good. Kindle sales continue to outpoint paperback, while audiobook listens is lagging well behind. I think my big takeaway is my advertising copy-writing is poor.

2 thoughts on “Blogathon 27/24: Stats!

  1. Well, I don’t know how much your outlay is/was, but that’s still a tidy profit I would say, based on less than a month’s worth of sales.
    Nice one.

    1. Ta. Sixty of your English pounds, but 60%/40% of the ads were targeted at the US, rather than UK readership.

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