Blogathon 28/24: Not going blind!

On Sunday I had my two-yearly eye test. I went to the Boots optician in West Bridgford because I used to work for Boots and I still have some brand loyalty left in me; they were a great company to work for. Anyway. I had the usual pre-test stuff, where they ask questions and do pre-test tests and puff air into your face and all that. Then I had my eye test which was long, detailed, and very thorough. In fact the optician put me through some elements of the test twice which is beyond thorough. But still good. Excellent, in fact.

Then he handed me back my glasses and gave me the bad news. My prescription is 50% different. I asked what that meant. He said my glasses were 50% too strong; my eyes have improved by half. Well that stopped me in my tracks (except I was sitting down and not actually making tracks but if I had been it would have). The optician said it was rare but not unheard of, though the magnitude of the improvement in my vision was extremely unusual even in the rare cases where such a thing is reported.

So, the bottom line is I need to buy a weaker pair of glasses. I wonder if, in two years, should this improvement continue, I might not need glasses at all?

3 thoughts on “Blogathon 28/24: Not going blind!

  1. Had my eyes tested for the first time about 3 years ago, aged early 50s. Was told “you have the eyes of a 30 year old”. Ahem. Tested again about a year ago on doctor’s orders (had been having some headaches). I distinctly remember the optometrist saying “This is without any correction… and this is corrected.” I also remember me saying “WOW!” I now have x-ray vision and no longer dislike driving at night as I have distance glasses. It’s like the 4K revolution coming from a 576 line CRT. But then… more headaches, another test and… same outfit as last time… “you need close-up glasses.” I wasn’t sure why. Cue FOUR different sets of glasses with various mumbled apologies of their stuff-ups and I am left with… a $500 pair of glasses that do nothing useful. Fabulous. I need to pop over and go to Boots.

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