Robbing barstewards

Pet insurance. It’s one of those things you’ve just got to have. Mavis recently had treatment from our regular vet followed by a night in vet hospital. That all came to a £1,200 which, without pet insurance, would have been unwelcome.

It’s time to renew Robyn’s insurance. She’s a five-year-old sprocker spaniel in good health, never had a day sick, fully jabbed up and wormed, etc. I would estimate she covers about eight-to-ten miles a day at full speed, followed by periods of inactivity on her back, legs in the air, breathing deeply with her eyes shut.

For the last three years we have insured Robyn with Pet Direct; they came up as one of the better quotes on a comparison website which is why we went with them. So in March 2022 we insured Robyn with Pet Direct for £123.14.

In March 2023 the policy rolled over and although the premium was increased, I went along with it. £165.00.

This year I got an email from Pet Protect saying that the same cover for Robyn would now cost £288.75. So in just three years of no claims, the insurance for this fit and healthy dog has shot up by £165.71?

That really is taking the pee. So I did the price comparison website thing and found six quotes that were cheaper. The sixth *most expensive* offered marginally better cover than the £288.75 quote is offering us, and we could buy that for £153.00. That’s a heck of a difference to £288.75 and cheaper than the premium we paid last year.

The moral of this story is don’t get your insurance from Pet Protect, and do shop around because some companies are just going to rip you off.

2 thoughts on “Robbing barstewards

  1. They are all the same, mate. Just like car insuirance, the premium will go up each year.
    And, especially as the dog gets older.
    Our dog has had pet insurance for most of her life and we have never made a claim.It started as £30 per month and slowly rose over 5 years to 55 per month.
    But when it hit 80 quid a month, this year, we decided to cancel it.
    Ironically, it is as she gets older, that she is more likely to need it, so instead, I have set up a sub account for her into which I put some money each month. Hopefully, if she should ever need treatment, that will help cover it. And if not, then I’ll have a couple of thousand toward my next radio.:)

    1. Wow! Even £30/month is extortionate. I wouldn’t be above not paying for insurance, but sticking £50/month/dog away, but I’m not sure I’d be sufficiently disciplined to leave it alone.

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