Dad music?

Dire Straits (not dire straits, that’s something else). They seem to have been around for a hundred years or thereabouts. I can’t remember what the first Dire Straits track was that I heard. It may have been Sultans of Swing. Maybe it wasn’t. But the point of this waffle is to share something I stumbled across on YouTube today. Sina is a German drummer who does drum covers on the YouTubes. The clip I found was her drumming along to a drumless track of Sultans of Swing. Better than the original? Yes, I think so.

2 thoughts on “Dad music?

  1. I’ve listened to the two in parallel (a bit of jiggery-pokery with some editing software and shoved one version in one ear and another in the other ear. Interesting to listen to. Her track definitely has more dynamism, whereas the original is more blended (and I don’t mean ‘into the mix’). An interesting experience. However, I’m now totally sick of the song and never want to hear it again, thank you very much.

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