Filthy rich and dogflap*

I’ve just ordered a dogflap. This is the third one I’ve ordered (and will have fitted) in three and a half years. The dogs keep breaking them; they zoom in and out at tremendous speeds and, inevitably, the dogflap breaks. The current dogflap is now held together by gorilla tape after the puppies hooned in and out a couple of dozen times at increasingly silly speeds. It fractured, after getting battered and batted around. Just like the last one. And just like the one before that.

So this weekend I shall be undoing the battered remains of the old one, cleaning up the door, unpackaging the new one (but reusing the fixing bolts from the battered remains of the old one, because I cut those down to size because the bolts that come with each new one are too long), and fixing the new one into the same hole I jigsawed out three and a bit years ago.

I’m getting really practised at this now.

*with apologies to Filthy Rich and Catflap

2 thoughts on “Filthy rich and dogflap*

  1. We have a full length glass door, so a dog flap would be out of the question.
    Besides, a German Shepherd Dog sized flap would probably be a bit of a security risk.

    1. Dogflaps can be fitted in glass doors. Just don’t throw stones behind glass doors. And surely, having a GSD would negate any such security risks?

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