Sent off

This is a big thing for me. I’ve just sent Hurricane, book three in the Tempest series, to the editor. I have tried a new review process which, I hope will speed things up whilst, at the same time, simplifying the editorial process.

What I did was to format the manuscript as an eBook, and send it to my Kindle. For reasons that are too deep for me to explain (or even understand), reading it on a Kindle makes it easier to review and spot things that weren’t quite right. I found a few misplaced commas, and chose to rewrite a couple of paragraphs because the manuscript version wasn’t articulate enough.

Doing it this way has made a huge difference for me. I hope the editor will notice an improvement in the quality of what she has been given to work with. We’ll see what comes back down the line!

2 thoughts on “Sent off

    1. I’m like the majority of authors, steering very clear of AI because it steals your work and you have no control over what it does with it. The copyright issues will take decades to work out.

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