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For the last two years I’ve had the Ninja insured with Kawasaki Insurance. They were (two years ago) the cheapest quote that whichever price comparison website I used gave me. Last year, however, Kawasaki Insurance were adrift by some way. So I called them up and they dropped the quote and came within £15 of a comparable quote. So I said OK, and stayed with Kawasaki Insurance.

This year’s quote has just rolled in. They’re offering me the same cover for £206.98. Last year I paid £152.99 (in increase of £53.99). So I’ve done the price comparison thing again (I’ve used MCN this year) and the cheapest comparable quote is £166.99.

But what’s this? The third cheapest quote on the list is £174.99, and it’s from… Kawasaki Insurance! Well blow me down.

Anyway, I’ve been on the phone to Kawasaki Insurance for 25m 46s (and counting). I’m still waiting for them to answer the phone so I can politely advise them of the facts of life. Oh, hold on, we’re speaking now.

Oh. And here we are. Kawasaki Insurance have added stuff on that I didn’t have last year (because I didn’t need it) and continue to need again this this year. So when we remove the stuff I don’t need my renewal quote comes down to £159.99 (an increase of £7). Well that’s acceptable.

2 thoughts on “Insurance Ninja

  1. I’ve also been comparing meercats this past week and have now dumped my previous insurer.
    My premium went up from 146 quid last year to 255 this year!
    That’s a 75% hike.

    I have now got it insured for almost the same price as last year.
    When I phoned the previous insurer, to cancel, I asked why it had gone up so much.
    “She couldn’t explain why, other than “Everything’s going up.”

    Anyway, who’s Nina and why have you given us her phone number? 🙂

    1. That Nina, she’s a game girl. But she bites if not treated properly. And yes ‘Everything is more expensive’ is not a sufficiently good reason to join the trend.

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