Bin away

We have been on our travels to the exotic east. Vietnam is lovely at this time of year. Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi have such different characteristics. Hanoi is charming, though. The near-endless rivers of bicycles jostling for places amongst the cars, and the mopeds with one, two, three, four, and even five people on. And the heat!

Unfortunately it’s been a few years since we were last in Vietnam, but the Caravan Club Certified Location at Corner Cottage, North Scarle, Lincs, is a very nice place to visit and while away the time. And watch the rain come down. And wrestle with a plumbing problem in the caravan.

I half want to sell the caravan; it seems every time we take it out we hit a new problem. I could fix what needs to be fixed (parts due to arrive tomorrow), and sell it. But if I’m fixing what needs to be fixed, why sell it? Because it’s time? Just because it needs to go?

These are difficult questions. If we sell it we need to replace it. If we replace it we need another four-berth, fixed-bed caravan big enough for four humans and four sprockers. They’re about, caravans of that ilk. But they’ve got heavier since our Elddis was made. And heavier means we would need a new towcar because the Insignia would be overweight if we hitched it to one of the modern caravans of the same (but now upgraded) spec. So we’d need to upgrade the Insignia too. But to what? And why? Renting a towcar isn’t an option; I’ve looked into that.

Oh hell, it’s difficult. I’ll have another hot chocolate and think about it. Again.

One thought on “Bin away

  1. I think caravaning is great.
    The chance to – at the drop of a hat – whisk the wife away from the drudgery of cooking in a pokey little kitchen, to cooking in an even pokier little, er… kitchen.

    My nan used to own a caravan at a caravan park down on the coast and we’d often pop down there for the weekend.
    Could that be an option?
    Of course, you’d have to get your own, because my nan’s dead now.

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