Dun a runner

One of the lovely things about the place we stayed in the Mysterious East is it’s tremendously dog friendly. The caravan CL (certified location) is securely fenced, so securely that the little darlings can’t even burrow beneath the wire and escape into the Lincolnshire countryside.

However, when I’m halfway up the lane outside the CL, walking all four, early in the morning (Mavis and Pugsley on the lead, Robyn and Chewie running free more or less at heel), and one of the little darlings (I shall name no names, Chewie) decides he’s off, and those big floppy flappy things on the side of his head don’t work any longer and are there merely for decorative purposes, that is definitely a successful escape into the Lincolnshire countryside.

I shouted myself hoarse. I probably shouted myself horse. But whether hoarse or horse, Chewie ignored me for the first mile, as he tore at great speed through the fallow field, then the hedge, then the next field, then up the hill towards the farm on top of the distant hill. Ignored I was. Horse and hoarse I was. Gone he was.

I legged it back to the caravan as swiftly as possible which wasn’t very swift really. Mavis and Pugsley wanted to follow Chewie into the Great Unknown and Robyn wanted to go and chase him down, but I wouldn’t let her, so she was fretting and weaving between my legs because her smelly little brown friend had gone.

Back at the caravan I got the three in, said ‘Chewie’s gone!’, picked up a lead, opened the door to step down and there, grinning up at me, was the little brown boy himself. I do wonder at what point he though he’d better turn back and rejoin his family. I also what led to that mental change of tack. But what impressed me most is that he found his way back to the caravan. When he disappeared from view, he was at least three-quarters of a mile distant. Yet there was, back again, waiting outside for me to open the door, looking very pleased with himself, and completely soaked through to his little brown body.

I was (and still am) very relieved that he got himself home. Though I do wonder how he did it.

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