Disaster Area – Too Many Cooks…

Well actually, too few cooks.

One too few to be precise.

I put tonight’s pasta on, made sure it was nicely settled then came upstairs, sat in front of the laptop and began pulverising the SciFi short story that I’ve been working on for a few weeks.

I started out doing an arty-farty light-touch edit – you know what I mean, tidying a word here, changing punctuation and making a sentence pithier there – but things got out of hand.

Before I knew it I was in full on re-write mode, bashing away at the keyboard, totally captured by the new plot development and character twist that I’ve been mulling over for the last day or so.

I really need to get it to the state where I can declare it Finally Finished; I have a buyer for it!

As I was reworking a particularly explosive scene I began to smell something.

Something not good.

Holy Hell!

My pasta…

I dashed downstairs and skidded across the kitchen lino (much like Tom Cruise did in the film Risky Business, but with more clothes on, much better looking and way, way taller).

Pulled the pan off the hob.

Holy overcooked pasta Batman.

It was boiled dry and comprehensively cooked on to all surfaces of the hideously expensive saucepan.


I managed to salvage 2/3rds of the pan contents, scraped it in to a bowl, added pasta sauce, sat at the table and ate the remains meal with my left-over Lucozade (it’s been a really tough day).

Then I set about resurrecting the pan.

And here’s my tip…

Clothes-washing powder.


Half a tab of Biological (it has to be biological for some reason that’s completely beyond me) clothes washing powder soaking overnight in the offending pan will give you, the next morning…


Oh yes.

Trust me, I’m a doctor.