Candles in the wind…


Phone call to Daughter.


She is unwell.


She has a runny nose and it’s sore.


But (bless) she’s determined that it won’t stop her from going to school tomorrow.

How so??

Because the school year is almost finished in Spain and prior to the start of three months summer holiday(!) it’s a big school Fiesta tomorrow.

Apparently she’s taking chicken sandwiches (every pupil takes at least one food ‘thing’).

She didn’t get her carnivore tastes from me.


2 thoughts on “Candles in the wind…

  1. Hi B

    School in Spain?

    That must be hard for an English girl, though second thoughts it can’t be any worse than here.

  2. Hiya Harry!

    In a way difficult, in a way easy.

    She’s as fluent in Spanish as she is in English which gives her an advantage over the locals.

    However the locals (as you’d expect from those who live in a small Spanish mountain village where life hasn’t changed a great deal in the last 100 years) can be a bit insular and resentful of outsiders – moreso schoolchildren than adults.

    But she’s a bright, charming, intelligent person (just like her dad wishes he was) and she can win friends at the drop of a hat.

    The Spanish educational system is light-years better than the British.

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