Driven to distraction

Ages – months – ago, I said that if I could find a way to *safely* mount my video camera in the car, I’d give it a shot and film some motorway driving.

Just to give you all the same amount of sleepless nights that I get.

You might have thought I’d forgotten, but oh no, I’ve been thinking about it.

So here is my first experiment. I’ve split the journey up in to 3 parts, to break things up a little. And this is the first part.

I’ve underlaid the video with an audio bed because the audio pickup in the camera is getting some kind of squeaking noise – no, really, my car does not sound like that – which I think might be the auto focus in a state of continual adjustment.

And I need to make sure the windscreen is ultra clean in the future.

But here it is! (or part one, anyway):

5 thoughts on “Driven to distraction

  1. I want it to be known that I watched the video whilst listening to the perfect track to accompany it: The Last Unicorn (September Mix) by Bad Romance.

    Admittedly it would fit even better with video of you bouncing over various bits of woodwork and Oxford yokels on the back of Tom but, well, I’m lazy as well as feckless. 🙂

    “The last unicorn, bom bom bom, it’s the last unicorn ooo eee oooooo”.

  2. Sorry, I took the video down to add the soundtrack which you, Allister, will recognise as ‘Couldn’t Wait’ by the excellent West-Midlands band The Razorbax

  3. Just watched it. Excellent choice of music. I’m going on a long drive in a couple of days, I think I shall create a playlist and that will be on it!

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