Never can say goodbye

(1973 i think; gloria gaynor)


I finished Transport – a SciFi short story – last week.

Today I’ve just decided…

* that I haven’t finished it

* that I don’t like the middle section and

* that there could be a much more twistier ending.

So it’s not quite back to the drawing board because I do like the start.

And it’s a great hypothesis.

And I quite like the characters.

I just don’t like other bits.


I’m off for a beer now; R got the job and while I do feel for the other candidates who weren’t successful (let’s face it, we’ve all been there!) I am very happy for her.


One thought on “Never can say goodbye

  1. Hurry up with it – I want to read it. And please could you get on and send me a copy of your ‘Love Spell’ story. Please?


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