The sound of silence

The sound of silence goes like this (are you ready?)…

Faintly in the distance: Meow?


Then, still faintly in the distance but coming closer: Meow, meow, meow? Prrrtt? Meow?

And then, close by: MEOW!!

You wouldn’t believe it but the cat in question is the other side of my bedroom door.

What, I hear you ask, is the cat doing inside my bedroom?


It’s me that’s inside my bedroom, the cat’s on the landing, OK?

Pete and Shane have gone away for a few days leaving the shower room unfinished and the cats (sometimes none, other times one and infrequently two) marauding around the house demanding attention.

How come they’re so loud, cats (cats obviously; I haven’t the faintest idea how loud Pete and Shane are) – the Scilly Isles being out of listening range)?

They’re tiny.

Cats, not Pete and Shane.

Perhaps they have built-in amplifiers?

Perhaps that’s why they walk around with their tails lifted high like that?

Not so that you can admire (eew) their bum’oles – but so the mini-loudspeaker cunningly located underneath their tails can get a good shout out.

Now there’s a thought I didn’t want to have.