Tagged and bagged

I’ve been tagged by Welcome to the World of the Bionic Yoghurt, durn it. Didn’t she know I was about to go upstairs and have a poo?





Anyway, on with the show kiddies, before dire things start happening in these parts.

4 Things I did 10 years ago (1998):
Before I could answer this I had to get my CV out to remind me where I was working ten years ago! What a saddo.
1. Lived in the remote rural Mendip Hills in Somerset
2. Worked in the lovely (but horid to commute in to/out of) City of Bath
3. Owned and competed a horse called Ashboro
4. Hit rock bottom of a looooooooong depressive episode

4 Things I did 5 years ago (2003):
1. Lived on top of the second highest range of mountains in Europe (but less than 100 miles from the Sahara desert)
2. Sat underneath a lemon tree and wrote more prolifically than at any other time
3. Rode at 4.30am most days – before the temperature got stupidly hot
4. Loved not having a 9-5 job

4 Things I did yesterday:
1. Had a VC with people on three continents
2. Fed Vinnie carrots just for being a wonderful character
3. Finished setting up the Brand New Super-Dooper World’s Fastest laptop
4. Realised I have to do an Eventing competition entry today at the latest!

4 TV shows I love to watch:
I’m not much of a consumer of television so in four out of five of these you have to treat the word ‘love’ with a little scepticism…
1. The West Wing (the best screen writing ever)
2. Big Brother (so what?)
3. Blackadder
4. Chavs, Crooks and Car Thieves (also known as any British cops’n’video show)

4 Things I love to do:
1. Be with Soph
2. Ride/be with Vin (if not riding)
3. Read
4. Cuddle, make love or have sex (depending on how dirty I feel)

5 Things in my bag:
I don’t have a bag as such, so here’s five random things from my laptop bag
1. The Brand New Super-Dooper World’s Fastest laptop
2. Car/house/lorry keys
3. Wallet
4. e-Banking remote access sign-on device token thingy
5. T-Bar (turns my laptop in to a digital TV)

5 Fav things in my room:
1. My bed
2. My Soph
3. My bed
4. My Soph
5. Books

5 Things I’ve always wanted to do:
1. Compete at a world-class level (working on this)
2. Be recognised for my writing (ha!)
3. Play at the Albert Hall (done that)
4. Travel the world (done that)
5. Be blissfully, eternally happy (working on this too)

5 Things I am currently into:
1. Vinnie (and competing and all other horse-related aspects in my life)
2. My iPod (read: music of all sorts, audiobooks and podcasts)
3. Working my arse off
4. Planning my next book
5. People (fascinating things!)

So there you are.

I’m not going to tag folk, I’m feeling very laissez faire.

But if anyone looking in wants to pick up this meme and run with it, help yourselves.

Right, I’m off upstairs now.


3 thoughts on “Tagged and bagged

  1. So you dug out your CV…and then you had a VC…I’m getting confused. What did you play at the Albert Hall?
    Hope you had a good chod. Bon weekend!

    Mya x

  2. Yeay, you did my meme 😀

    Does your room not have much in it or have you just picked the important things?

  3. Well, the bedroom has the bed, wardrobe, TV, DVD (but I don’t really watch TV much so they didn’t get included), pile of books beside the bed (both sides), bedside tables (2), lamps on each, Soph’s dresser/makeup drawers thingy. All the normal bedroomy stuff really. I could have included the box underneath the bed but – you know – a little TMI maybe. 🙂

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