Mental as

For a weekend that started off with no real plan, it has been a brilliant yet very active few days.

Saturday included the usual household/laundry chores, plus a trip to the tack shop to buy Vin a new stable rug, and a trip to Sainsbury’s to replenish food stocks.

And a trip to the cinema to see Gambit (3/5, awesome cast, baggy plot).

And long chats with my daughter.

And long, long, long chats with a couple of friends who are going through various transitions in their lives.

These things seem to be a bit like buses. Nothing for ages and then three or four relationship problems all at once.

One has been made trickier because I feel a great connection with one of my friends in particular. It was only a year ago that my own marriage failed. And I am sensitive to my friend’s predicament, and sensitive to this time of year.

I also spent some time firming up my plan to spend Christmas and New Year somewhere else. Anywhere else.  I just don’t want to spend Christmas and New Year here.

Sunday involved picking up a friend from Thornhill Park & Ride, taking a trip out to see (and throw carrots at) Vin, a quick flip back home to show off the palatial home (hahaha), and then a drive in to Oxford for lunch.

We ate at Brown’s in Oxford Market. Brown’s (sic) is the home of the misplaced apostrophe. Or the menu is.

After eating we walked through Oxford, gawping at people and getting a little culturish and vulturish.

I may have talked some deliberately misleading bullshit about one or two of the colleges. But that’s alright. They deserve it.

Oh, and no, Jesus didn’t actually go to college there.

This evening I’ve come in, unloaded the washing machine, tried and failed to deal with a couple of emails and talked to my daughter and two friends.

Fell asleep on the couch, briefly.

And now, like a dragon in his den, I’m out.

3 thoughts on “Mental as

  1. Hmmm… I was torn between going to see Argo or Gambit tonight. Based on your somewhat concise film review, I shall probably aim for the former.

    And…. it’s been a year? Already?
    Happy Anniversary, mate.

    1. Argo is probably the better film, but it’s on a different level to Gambit, which is a light-hearted caper (and not the ‘farce’ that the Cohen Bros say it is).

      Yep, one year. Just over, if we’re being pedantic. And here I am, turning in to cat lady. Except not quite, obv.

  2. For Christmas (and New Years’) we stay home, entertain family, and I work at cooking for everybody, which wears me out… but it’s mostly good and we love being with our family(s). I hope you decide on something fun and clear out the old grey matter a bit.

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