Tempest (Book 1 in the thriller series)


An exciting modern-day thriller with a strong female lead? Welcome to Tempest, the first novel in this electrifying, edge of the seat adventure series



If you’re in the US and you want a paperback or Kindle copy of Tempest from Amazon, just click here.

If you’re in the UK and you want a paperback or Kindle copy of Tempest from Amazon, just click here. Or you could read on…

This is your opportunity to own a signed paperback copy of Book One in the Tempest time-loop adventure/thriller series.

In the first adventure we meet Laura Guerra, our deadly avenging angel (hero? heroine?). We join her on a thrilling trail of highs and lows. Our former special forces hotshot must overcome many challenges. She needs to get her act together as she travels from the UK, to Spain, to Brazil and then, to the US. While she’s putting her plans into motion, Laura attempts to find the one thing she’s been looking for over many years: a loving companion. But Laura’s foe begins to set lethal traps for her. Eventually Laura comes face-to-face with her deadly nemesis, the head of an organisation that has committed so many wrongs.

You can read about Tempest, and the other books in the series right here. If you think that’s good, check out the reviews for Tempest on Amazon and on Goodreads!

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