Tempest & Storm: Books 1 & 2 together


Climb aboard for the Tempest and Storm adventures where a former special forces hotshot, unarmed combat specialist is stuck in a year-long time loop. Tempest takes you from the UK to Spain, to Brazil, to the US where your nemesis awaits. Storm sweeps you from the UK to the rocky greenness of Cape Town, South Africa, where some amateur bad people, and some professionally very bad people hang out.



As a special offer, my publisher is prepared to let you have signed copies of Tempest (Book One) and Storm (Book Two) in the adventure thriller series. These books will come direct to your door via Royal Mail, for the unbeatable price of not as much as Amazon would charge.

What? You’ve already read Tempest you say? Well, here’s the plan. What if you buy these two together, then you give the new (and signed!) copy of Tempest to someone you love as a birthday (or Christmas) present? Then you could keep the new (and signed) copy of  Storm for yourself. That would be cunning, eh?

If we do it this way, you get a new (signed) copy of Storm, your loved one gets a new (signed) copy of Tempest. And you save a bit of money on the transaction. Not only is that a win-win, but you don’t have to spend ages thinking about what you could get them for a birthday (or Christmas) present.

You can thank me later.

What’s that you say? You haven’t read either of these two terrific novels? In that case, this special offer is the one you’ve been looking for. Cosy up to our former special forces hotshot in this thrilling series, as Tempest takes you from the UK, to Spain, to Brazil, to the US.

In Storm the action figures largely in South Africa where bad people play very rough.

So why not check out these two books and give yourself a Good Read. You know you want to.


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