YOU are a 29-year-old former hotshot Special Forces helicopter pilot. You’re a combat veteran who can take down anyone who gets in your way. You’re an avenging angel, determined to make people pay for their crimes.

Your problem is you are stuck in a time loop. You’ve lived the same year a couple of thousand times. Can you get out of the loop? Can you find a love that lasts past a year? And can you succeed with your biggest and deadliest challenge yet?

Welcome to my 2023 action thriller, Tempest. If you think you might like the sound of this book, but feel you need a bit more info, this link will take you to a page that gives you much more plot detail (and almost all of the spoilers!). So if you don’t want the spoilers, ignore that one and click on one of the three links below.

You can get Tempest from wherever you buy your paperbacks and ebooks and audiobooks. But if you want to get it right now you can:

But however you decide to try my latest book, I hope you truly enjoy it.