Tempest: the series

The first novel in the action-packed, five-star rated series is Tempest. The second gripping ride is Storm, the third is Hurricane and the fourth (and final book in the series) will be Cyclone.

Each novel in the action-packed, modern-day adventure, features Laura Guerra, a 28-year-old who is trapped in a year-long loop. Every time Laura reaches the end of the year (or dies before that year ends), she is spun back to day one again. This is great, until it isn’t. Unable to hold a relationship, emotionally broken by watching her friends and loved ones make the same mistakes year after year, Laura soon searches for more than personal gratification. Eventually she finds happiness in putting things right, making people happy, and correcting serious wrongs.

In the first novel – Tempest – Laura pits herself against a powerful, brutal organisation which has committed terrible crimes. As she battles her foes, Laura travels the world, makes friends, finds a lover, and eventually confronts the man who killed so many innocent people. If you think you might like the sound of this book, but you want a little more info, this link will take you to a page that gives you the plot detail (and almost all of the spoilers!). So if you don’t want the spoilers just click on one of the links below. You can get Tempest from wherever you buy your paperbacks and ebooks and audiobooks, or you can get it direct from the author:

In the second novel – Storm – while touring ancient tracks and Neolithic stones in England, Laura meets an older woman who lives a nomadic, hippy-like life. Laura hears her sad story and decides to help. Using the next yearly cycle, Laura travels to the Middle East and then to South Africa, where she confronts the person who caused her new friend’s pain. While in South Africa, she discovers an international people-trafficking, drug, and diamond-smuggling ring, and finds herself pitted against a determined and deadly adversary.

In the third novel – Hurricane – Laura’s restful holiday in the cherry blossom orchards of Japan is interrupted with the abduction of an 8-year-old girl. Laura becomes involved in trying to find out why the girl was taken, and quickly gets involved in a web of international treachery, treason, and the biggest, deadliest enemy she has ever faced.