Tempest – most of the spoilers!

Laura Guerra is a couple of thousand and 28 years old. By a normal calendar she’s 28, but for a couple of thousand years she’s been trapped in a repeating year-long loop. It’s a bit like Groundhog Day, but x365! After many unhappy experiences, she eventually learns to live with the repeating year and, along the way, gives herself goals and focus.

She spent decades in various countries’ military services. She is lethal in armed and unarmed combat. She is a top class pilot, and she has worked in military intelligence, at home and abroad. Laura eventually becomes a righter-of-wrongs, an avenging angel who helps people out of difficult situations, and makes bad people pay for their crimes.

One year, Laura accidentally learns of a terrible wrong, a crime so large nobody would believe the truth. She digs deeper and learns that this crime directly affects her. She realises she needs to up her game to take on a powerful, multinational corporation, so Laura embarks on a programme of physical and mental fitness. When she hits her peak, Laura adopts a false identity, and travels, undercover, to the United States.

As soon as she hits the US, Laura puts into operation a carefully constructed plan of retribution against the men, and the organisation which has committed this terrible crime. It is a crime which caused many innocent civilians to die. But as she progresses with her plan, decades of being alone begins to take a toll on her emotional and mental state.

This is Tempest, the modern-day, adventure/revenge thriller, written by Brennig Jones. Tempest is Book One in a forthcoming trilogy. Book two (Storm) is due for publication in January 2024. Book three (Hurricane) is in draft.