BB9 – unacceptable

Well here we are.

One week in to Big Brother 9 and already we have on display one of the most contemptible examples of the human race.

Alexandra de-Gale is much more than the gobby, self-centred, uncaring person she appeared to be.

She is a loathsome, hateful, argumentative woman who has absolutely no regard for the feelings of anyone other than herself.

She’s already behaved unacceptably.

Her aggressive, bullying manner is coldly calculated to intimidate – and bury by weight of continual verbal onslaught – her opponents.

At the start of the series the BB management told us – the viewers – that after the Charlie Uchea bullying affair last year, that BB would be tough.

We were told that unacceptable behaviour would not be tolerated.

And yet…

The horrid bullying little gobshite that is Alexandra de-Gale is still on our television screens.

So not only is Alexandra de-Gale unacceptable.

But so is the lack of action by the Big Brother production company.

We should boycott the programme – until this scum is removed.


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4 Responses to BB9 – unacceptable

  1. froggywoogie says:

    I’m actually boycotting: I can’t see it from over here haha

    Seriously, I don’t think Big Brother production will do anything unless there is a murder (I sense it will happen someday, somewhere in one of the BBs around the world). I’m sure Channel 4 gets its biggest incomes of the year thanks to Big Brother and as much most of the people will blame it for some people’s bad behaviour, they’ll still watch it because of it or maybe in the hope that the baddies will get a punishment or something but basically it’s still flattering the bad instincts of the audience.

  2. Brennig says:

    Hi FW. One style of boycott (i.e. not watching) is as good as another. Keep it up. 🙂

  3. Harry says:

    Hear hear!

    Though we could carry on filling the house with chav scum and then when it’s full nominate it as the site for the South East’s first nuclear waste dumping gound.

  4. Brennig says: